Galvanised Malleable Iron Block Swivel Hook

  • Galvanised malleable iron body.
  • Fitted with plain bore as standard with grey iron sheave.
  • Also available with steel sheave and bronze brush.
  • Single, double and treble sheave combination available.
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish.

Single Sheave Code

Double Sheave Code

Treble Sheave Code

Fibre Rope Dia
(inches)       (mm)
3 G0201 G0207 G0213 12
4 G0202 G0208 G0214 16
5 G0203 G0209 G0215 18
6 G0204 G0210 G0216 24
7 G0205 G0211 G0217 26
8 G0206 G0212 G0218 28